I am Mathieu Toffolon. I am 21 years old and my passion is entrepreneurship and creation. I have founded several businesses to impact as many people as possible. My digital agency, Irkeedia, helps fellow entrepreneurs achieve their goals more quickly

My academic and professional background

I graduated from a school specializing in personal services, combined with commerce. These are two values that, at first glance, have very little in common, indeed, but in the end, they have more in common than one might think…

I then continued my studies in Narbonne to obtain the official diploma as a medical assistant. Being a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy, this diploma was essential for me. At the same time, while pursuing this diploma, I indulged in my passion by creating small WordPress blogs and doing some design work. However, all of this was purely driven by passion at that time.

At the end of the year, I obtained my medical assistant diploma. At that time, I did some temporary work, where I worked in hospitals, clinics, and with individuals in situations of disability. This lasted for about a year.

And one day, I decided to turn my passion for the web into a real profession. I then created my own sole proprietorship to establish my renowned digital agency,, where I offer SEO optimization and website creation. In the future, I will likely offer social media marketing services as well, as I continue to educate myself in this field every day.

Next, I went to obtain my drone pilot license at Blagnac Airport. This now allows me to pilot a drone anywhere and anytime I want. Drones are another passion of mine, as seeing from above always fascinates me, and the perspective it offers is truly incredible. Currently, you can find my aerial audiovisual services on the website. A new website dedicated to drone services will be available soon.

Another aspect of me has always been drawn to the sales of high-quality, ethical products. This led me to the idea of creating, which was intended to be a dropshipping website. However, after numerous hours of research to find products that are both decent and ethical, I realized it wasn’t the right fit for me.

So, I thought, why not sell my own products? That’s where I am now. I’m currently exploring what type of products I could create and sell on the Panda’s Boutique website in the future.

We’re nearing the end, and the last website is what I call a ‘business card’ site. It summarizes who we are and what our individual goals are. It allows others to get to know us in a different way, and we create a universe that reflects who we are as individuals. At least, that’s how I see it.